Of all the spaces in the home, the bedroom is the most sacred. It ensures your ability to get a great night’s rest and sets the tone for the evening as well as the next day. Your choice of bedroom blind can make all the difference. Is important to find the right window blind that can block out the light, provide insulation, and match your desired bedroom design. There are many different options on the market in a wide range of colours, materials and styles.

Before making your purchase of bedroom blinds, you must first ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you prefer privacy, or do you enjoy the view of your garden or backyard?
  2. Do you want to filter out sunlight during the day?
  3. Will you desire a solution that also reduces outside noise?
  4. How important is insulation?

Types of Bedroom Blinds

There are many different types of blinds including roller blindslouvre screens, and other canvas or plastic blinds. Buying blinds online can be quite a challenge with the plethora of options available. Here are the best options for your sleep, well-being, and home upgrade:

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are composed of aluminium or steel. They are installed on the external part of your window and can be controlled manually or using a motorised switch. They can even be integrated into a smart home. Imagine waking up each morning as your shutters are drawn up as the sun lights the horizon. Sounds like a fairytale, right? This could be you. 

Not only are roller shutters the go-to solution for completely blocking out any level of light, they are also a great problem-solver for those living on a busy road or near an airport. These shutters block out external noise and protect your windows during storms. Roller shutters add home security addition to any home. You can leave your house on vacation without having to worry. In addition, roller shutters are some of the most energy-efficient window coverings available. They can save you up to $900 on your energy bills, according to Energy Australia.

If you enjoy cooler temperatures while you sleep, roller shutters are the solution for you. They will save you money on your air conditioning bills by locking cool air indoors and keeping the hot Aussie sun where it belongs. They also protect your furniture from sun bleaching. You really can’t go wrong with roller shutters.

Louvre Screens

If you are interested in a refined, classic aesthetic, Louvre Screens might be your top choice. These gorgeous window coverings not only filter light, but give your home a cottage feel. There are quite a few different materials that they can be made of, including cedarwood. Cedarwood Louvre screens give off a pleasant scent, keeping your house smelling fresh and your guests wondering what your secret is. The sliding mechanisms are easy to use and operate, they allow you to alter the amount of wind, sun, or daylight into your spaces effortlessly.

Canvas and Other Bedroom Blinds

Interior window blinds are usually made out of plastic. These types have a long drawstring attached. Though fairly common, plastic blinds do not offer any noise reduction properties and do a poor job at filtering out light. Street light can easily infiltrate in between the slats. These blinds also are difficult to maintain and clean. They are also a hazard to small children who can become wrapped up in the cord.  Pets, especially cats, love to play in the blinds, resulting in broken window coverings that can’t do their job. These types of window coverings offer no little to no insulation as well.  You would be better off saving your money.

How to Choose the Right Bedroom blinds for you

If you enjoy letting fresh air in, but enjoy sleeping in a darker bedroom, Louvre screens are the solution for you. If insulation is important to you, roller shutters will help you sleep in the perfect temperature. They are also fantastic shift workers including graveyard/overnight personnel because they double as blockout blinds. 

How Do Blinds Impact Your Sleep?

Most people sleep better in cooler temperatures. In fact, If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, a colder room could help your body cool down enough to reach a level of deeper, more restorative sleep. The body can become more relaxed and reach these necessary healing levels of sleep if it is not working harder to keep you cool.

Studies coming out the University of South Australia found that some forms of insomnia are more prevalent in people sleeping in warmer temperatures. 

Sleeping in near-dark or pitch-black rooms also allows your circadian rhythm to reset itself. Your circadian rhythm is tied to sunlight. Melatonin, sometimes called the darkness hormone,  is secreted when the eyes do not detect light. Even behind closed eyes, light can keep you from reaching the deepest states of non-rem sleep that your body needs to recover from the day. When the eyes detect light, even when closed, it slows down melanin production and can lead to chronic illness, grogginess the next day, obesity, and other sleep-related disorders (Healthline). Using Louvre screens or roller shutters to darken your room can help you get more restful sleep. Opting for a proper bedroom blind can not only provide peace-of-mind, but protect you from illness, and offer you many lasting benefits.

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