Create your perfect outdoor living entertainment area with outdoor blinds. They are  versatile home decor pieces that allow you to design your outdoor spaces to your liking. With so many different options including verandahs, Zipscreen, vertical blinds, and retractable awnings, there is an option out there for you. You’ll love all these ideas for beautiful alfresco and patio blinds. Check out these unique ways to use your outdoor blinds  and external entertainment spaces:

1.Create A Botanical Garden, Or Expand Your Green Thumb

Plant-lovers rejoice: A fantastic tip for those who love designing outdoor spaces! Use your ZipScreen or Verandah Blinds drawn halfway-down, or set your smart blinds on a timer to help control UV exposure for plants with a more sensitive disposition (We are looking at you, Fiddle-leaf Figs!) 

Design your outdoor spaces with as much green as you can imagine. There’s no holds with roller blinds, Zipscreen, or Verandahs ready to assist your DIY outdoor botanical area. Roller blinds can assist you to maintain the perfect humidity while verandah, Shutter Blinds (also called Louvre) or zipscreen can make the perfect plant companion to balance high- and low-light situations. 

2. Host A Candle-Lit Dinner On The Verandah

Verandah blinds shade your deck and alfresco spaces during the day, and keep a balanced ambiance as the sun begins to fade. This style attaches onto any pillars and poles you have around your patio and deck, screening but not totally sealing out the outdoors. They are great for a gentle wind barrier and provide privacy for afternoon gatherings and romantic candle lit dinners. Add a false inner curtains or shades for a bit of extra-fancy decor, and bring over your loved ones for a fancy evening.  

3. Create A DIY Projector Screen

Roller Blinds are more than just window coverings. Roller Blinds not only block out the sun, heat, wind, and noise, but make a great surface to project upon! These blinds/shutters are made of sturdy aluminium and can be used to make an at-home movie theatre: fun for the entire family! Because they create a sound-deadening barrier to the exterior, roller blinds can make your  indoor or outdoor living space feel like a private oasis.

4. Get Creative With The Kids

Host a talent show or a play- and use your outdoor blinds as the curtains! Set up an audience in the backyard, roll up your ZipScreen or Verandahs for an entertaining opening suitable for any age or imagination. Simply press a button and bask in the ease of drop-down (or glide-up!) walls. Maybe even ask Siri for an encore. Can you visualize pressing a button and creating an entirely new outdoor room? That can be a reality with Zipscreen Blinds!

There are so many different activities you can participate in with your outdoor blinds. 

These outdoor rooms are great year-round, as they provide a welcome escape from wind, rain and sun alike, helping keep your ambient temperature to your liking. They also prevent your patio furniture from getting sun bleached or weathered. What other creative activities have you played around with using your outdoor blinds?