How To Choose The Right Outdoor Patio Blinds & What Is Best For You.

Outdoor blinds are the perfect aesthetically pleasing patio upgrade you can do to bring your backyard dreams into reality. Make the most out of your entertainment area, and host events with friends or family in a space that makes you excited to bring people into. If you’re looking for inspirational exterior decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Our outdoor patio blinds and other outdoor blind options are created to offer not only sun protection. But also armour you against any sort of weather. Allowing you to entertain all year round in peace and privacy. No more dredding that winter event with our outdoor patio blinds.

Five Star Outdoors extensive collection of outdoor blinds gives you the ability to design specifically for your taste and style while offering the freedom to enjoy your alfresco space in comfort. 

Why Add Patio Blinds To Your Space?

Your backyard is an extension of your individual style. Not only should you be protecting your investments in furniture and decor from weather and UV rays, but you should also make the most out of the spaces you have paid to own and use. By adding patio blinds to your pagoda, porch, or deck, you can reap the benefits of increased usage no matter rain, heat, or wind. Entertain your guests or simply enjoy a beverage, no matter the time of day. You’ll forget about pesky bugs after the installation as well!

How to Choose Outdoor Blinds

In this post, we aim to provide any and all details needed to aid in your decisions of patio/outdoor blinds. You’ll need to settle on a material and operating system that suits your individual needs. 

Understanding Your Own Needs

Before you start looking, try to visualize your dream backyard in your head. Are you looking for a solution that provides security as well? Or something entirely for style and weather protection  The most secure shutters and outdoor blinds might be extremely strong, but won’t let as much light through. If you enjoy the feeling of being semi-indoors with a bit of air flow, perhaps a Louvre Screen might be your best bet. If instead, you are looking for something similar to a cafe blind, that has a mesh wall and allows a lot of light, air flow, and outdoor view through, you should opt instead for a verandah or ZipScreen blind.

ZipScreen Blinds

Looking for an option that is extremely customisable? Look no further than ZipScreen. Five Star Outdoors offers a wide range of materials, colours, styles and mechanical and smart-blind options. Don’t want to lift a finger? We’ve got an app for that. ZipScreens allow you to add a room onto your house simply by closing the blinds. Keep the sun, wind, and rain at bay so you can keep your party going. Your patio will never feel cosier than with these additions.

Verandah Blinds

For someone seeking a contemporary aesthetic upgrade, Verandah Blinds are a great option. With an elegant, modern and unobtrusive appearance, these straight drop awnings are engineered to create a barrier to protect your living space from the elements. Enclose any sized space with our wide range of designs. With many houses lacking a garden or any other open space, a veranda is easily your mini-slice of the outdoors. By creating adequate protection against the elements, your veranda will become a functional area for the whole year, where you can entertain yourself or a whole sleuth of guests. Verandah blinds are excellent for protection against wind and low sunbeams. Enjoy golden hour without the sun shining directly into your eyes. Verandahs are also great for privacy, as you can enjoy your spaces are you choose. 

Verandah Blinds are made with a wide range of fabrics including tinted PVC, mesh, acrylic or solid canvas. They are extremely customisable to match your vision of your outdoor spaces. All of our verandahs are custom-fit by our expert team.  Five Star Outdoors offers many mechanical options to choose from, including cord, spring, crank, motorised, and wire guide systems.

Louvre Screens

Louvre Screens, while not blinds, can be an excellent choice for someone looking to add a bit of security to their patio, deck or outdoor area. These shutters are an excellent visual and physical deterrent from any intruder.  Feel safe and secure when you’re at home or away with their built-in locking mechanisms. Five Star Outdoors offers a variety to choose from, allowing you to select a wooden, or hybrid-wood frame to add to your space. These can be opened like a screen, or installed almost as a faux-wall to your space. Create a temperate chill-spot with Louvre Screens.

Customise Your Way with Outdoor Blinds and Screens

With so many options to choose from, Five Star is here to bring your dream home into reality. Check out our product pages to see the photo galleries for any of our patio blinds. As always, our expert team is available to assist you with any questions. 

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