Before purchasing outdoor blinds for your house or property there are a few things that you need to consider. There are many different options for outdoor or cafe blinds, including different mechanical options, colors, and materials.  

1. What are Café Blinds? What are the differences between Cafe Blinds and other alternatives?

Café blinds, also known as “bistro blinds”. Are the type of outdoor blinds that offer clear external views while not compromising your home protection.  Cafe blinds are created out of polyethylene twine coated in PVC, for durability. They keep you in a temperature-controlled environment despite the weather outside. As a result, preventing UV, wind, or bugs from entering your semi- or fully- enclosed spaces. These types of blinds are great for anyone that enjoys their view of their backyard or outdoor space. All while appreciating a little respite from the harsh Australian sun. Our Cafe Blinds add a shade while offering privacy protection for your property. These outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for creating an all-weather entertainment area no matter the season.  The main difference between Cafe blinds and other outdoor blind solutions is their locking side channels. Their side channels prevent any rain, wind, or debris from entering your space once they are drawn down. These blinds are great for sealing your home’s extension. Controlling the climate inside, and keeping debris, UV glare, and wind out.

 2. Individual Usage and Improving Home Aesthetic Value.

The first thing you should consider before choosing your outdoor blinds is your individual use case. What will you be adding onto? Do you need an automatic solution, or will a manual café blind work for you?

Your bistro blinds should improve your home’s aesthetic while complimenting your individual lifestyle. A general rule is to match your home’s accent colour. Something like your gutter or facade colour, and choose a track mount that will enhance the cohesive design of the space. The shade material itself comes in a variety of colours to enhance your backyard design. Choosing a darker fabric screen will reduce more glare as the sun sets. It will also keep your homes’ extension at lower temperatures throughout the day. If you do choose a lighter colour, it will be easier to see into the space when the shades are drawn down.

Depending on the size of the area you are trying to enclose, you might have to opt for a larger or extreme size of outdoor blinds. There are manufacturers that offer extra-large versions of their Cafe blinds in order to accommodate larger or taller installations. 

Other Things To Consider.

You should also consider your choices for operating mechanisms before installation. Outdoor blinds come in a wide range of operational choices including manual, and automatic, as well as smart blinds. If you opt for smart-blinds, you have the ability to open or shut your blinds through an application on your phone. Or even set a timer for a hands-off approach. You can also opt for a crank or wire-guide system that requires a bit of manual labor, but works just the same. A semi-automatic approach uses a remote-control or wall-mounted switch to open your blinds.

3. Choosing Your Trusted Cafe Blind Supplier

The most important part of your Café blind installation is choosing the right supplier. By opting for a company that has great reviews and an expert team of installation professionals, you won’t waste your time worrying about repairing your Cafe Blinds in the event of a botched installation. Choosing a quality supplier not only ensures that the project is completed properly the first time, but also protects your investment with high-quality products, services, and warranties. 

Five Star Outdoors prides ourselves in our ability to deliver using our expert team of installation professionals and best-rated products. We only partner with the best manufacturers in the area. Your home improvement project is our bread-and-butter. We aim to keep you smiling from start to finish, providing only the best outdoor blinds installation services.

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